SPINE : Adaptive Publish/Subscribe for Wireless Mesh Networks, pp 320-353

SPINE : Adaptive Publish/Subscribe for Wireless Mesh Networks

J.Alfonso Briones-Garcıa ; Boris Koldehofe ; Kurt Rothermel

Universität Stuttgart, IPVS,
Universitätsstr. 38, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany

pp 320-353

Application deployment on Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) is a challenging issue. First it requires communication abstractions that allow for interoperation with Internet applications and second the offered solution should be sensitive to the available resources in the underlying network. Loosely coupled communication abstractions, like publish/subscribe, promote interoperability, but unfortunately are typically implemented at the application layer without considering the available resources at the underlay imposing a significant degradation of application performance in the setting of Wireless Mesh Networks. In this paper we present SPINE, a content-based publish/subscribe system, which considers the particular challenges of deploying application-level services in Wireless Mesh Networks. SPINE is designed to reduce the overhead which stems from both publications and reconfigurations, to cope with the inherent capacity limitations on communication links as well as with mobility of the wireless mesh-clients. We demonstrate the effectiveness of SPINE by comparison with traditional approaches in implementing content-based publish/subscribe.